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Tips for Protecting Privacy

Millions upon millions of financial transactions take place every day online. Economists and technology experts agree this number will only increase as businesses and consumers take advantage of the convenience of conducting business online. With the amount of personal data being transferred via the internet, privacy is a necessary concern. No one wants his bank account information falling into the wrong hands. Data miners can use cookies to collect personal information even when a user has not authorized a website to collect his personal information.’s article 10 Firefox Plugins For A Safer Browsing Experience walks readers through the process of making their browsers more secure.

In his article 9 Tips to Help Safeguard Your Privacy, author Michael Pho lists “The Five W’s” of for protecting online privacy as original written by Dr. Ann Cavoukian. The five points are listed below:
• Who wants it and who will have access to it?
• Why do they want it?
• What will it be used for?
• Where will your information be stored?
• When will your information be used and when will it be discarded?

If a user cannot find the answers to these questions by doing a little bit of research around the website, she may want to rethink providing her personal information. Alternately, she could contact the company and request and explanation of exactly how her personal information will be used. No response or an unsatisfactory response should be considered a red flag. As governments become more involved in regulating online activity, laws will be passed to protect citizen’s privacy. Even then, however, the responsibility to protect one’s privacy in online transactions falls to the user.

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