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The International Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a major player in the global economy. From its headquarters in Paris, the ICC facilitates and promotes international trade. Since so much international trade is conducted via the internet, ICC has formed a commission on the digital economy. This commission works with members in 50 countries to develop best practices for online trade.


Once of the main platforms of the ICC’s Commission on the Digital Economy is to work with governments to remove regulations that make conducting business online more difficult. To achieve this, they seek to point out that allowing more trade will ultimately improve a country’s economy and position in the global marketplace. The commission also has an interest in the domain name system and how businesses can best use the current system to increase international trade.

The ICC will hold a conference on digital trade this April in Geneva. The conference is open to all and anyone with an interest in expanding the digital economy is encouraged to attend. Speakers at the conference will include government officials and experts from businesses that have tackled the problems with online trade and won.

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