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Creating an Online Identity

The era of duel identities is quickly coming to an end. It was once quite common for the average internet user to take on an online-only persona but the online world is moving ever closer to transparency. Social media sites are shutting down accounts that cannot be linked to a real person. Employers review social media sites as part of the hiring process to judge the trustworthiness of a potential employee. Some sites do offer anonymity, but these are becoming few and far between. Evan Williams explains Five Pieces of Online Identity that social media sites use when determining levels of user access. This article gives some insight into what is required to have an online presence.

The Guardian discusses authenticity versus anonymity and comes to the conclusion that the time will come when authenticity is required. This is especially relevant when discussing the digital economy because authenticity is of the upmost importance in financial transactions. Customers want to make sure that the business will actually provide them with the goods and services they pay for while protecting their financial information. Businesses want to make sure that they are dealing with real clients before processing orders. Just as someone cannot open an anonymous bank account, the time is coming when internet anonymity will be a thing of the past.


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