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And what about Online Security?

As the world advances ever closer to a true digital economy, online security becomes a very important issue. Protecting personal and financial information from would-be identify thieves is vital when millions of consumers around the globe conduct banking and business transactions online. Installing anti-virus software and choosing strong passwords are a few of the more well-known tips for keeping information secure. TechRadar gives 25 internet security tips that go beyond the obvious. Mashable offers 10 Online Security Tips for Gen Y.

Businesses have even more to lose than individuals when it comes to online security. Company and customer files are stored on network drives. These files may include spreadsheets detailing financial information that a hacker would find very valuable. Allowing a hacker to access network files could lead to very serious consequences for the business as it could damage their reputation among customers. Business owners may be interested in Symantec’s articles Social Engineering Fundamentals, Part 1: Hacker Tactics and Part2: Combat Strategies. These articles go beyond offering basic tips by telling how hackers rely on the human instinct to trust to gain access to secure company files. They also give businesses practical tips for securing both computers and the rooms in which they are stored from hackers.

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